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Minerals Waste planning appeal

Examples Of Specialist Applications Our Planners Have Dealt With:

Waste Transfer And Processing Stations

Proposals have been to provide sites and buildings for the bulking up of waste and processing. This has often been skip waste linked to a skip hire business. These proposals have been within industrial/brownfield sites, green belt sites and in disused agricultural buildings and usually relate to sorting waste and the recovery of recyclable material.

Importation Of Inert Material

The proposals have varied from the construction of bunds to provide noise and visual screening from motorways or major roads, to improve agricultural land where the current landform is not suitable or poorly draining or through to larger scale schemes such as the re-restoration of poorly restored landfill and mineral sites, the importation of soils to create outdoor equestrian cross country training courses and the re-modelling of golf courses.

Waste Recovery

These applications have included composting operations for green waste, wood chipping/processing up to in-vessel composting and anaerobic digestion plants for green and food waste. This has also included storage lagoons for the output from anaerobic digestion which is used as a fertiliser on farmland. Applications have also included larger EIA development for thermal treatment (incineration) and biomass plants.

Planning Appeal For Waste and Mineral


As well as proposals for landfill, these applications often deal with proposals for associated infrastructure including landfill gas engines, treatment plants for leachate produced within the landfill and contaminated soil repair centres which “clean” contaminated soils for use as part of landfill restoration.


These applications have concerned a variety of mineral sites of various sizes producing different materials including sand and gravel as well as hard rock, clay and chalk. This has included new sites, extensions to existing sites and restarting dormant sites.

Variation Of Conditions

Applications to vary working/phasing plans and restoration schemes which can run for decades and often changes are therefore required over time.

Certificate Of Lawfulness Applications

Where clients’ sites and operations have achieved 10 years without enforcement and the lawfulness of situation has been established.

Advising On Section 106 Planning Obligations

Councils often insist on these obligations in both minerals and waste cases. Our specialists are able to guide throughout the process and advise on what is a reasonable Section 106 and what is challengeable.

Post Application

Linked to waste and mineral sites there are often follow-up issues after a planning application has been granted. Examples often relate to the discharge of a wide range of pre-commencement conditions requiring the production and/or collation and submission of documents to be approved, non-material amendments arising from these sites and sometimes repeat planning applications.


Our experts can give invaluable help where clients are facing or potentially facing enforcement action relating to their minerals or waste sites and operations.

Outsourcing For Local Planning Authorities

We are able to provide to councils the services of highly experienced and professionally qualified minerals and waste planners who already work for other councils. This ranges from major EIA applications where local authorities down to small parish councils are looking for help with a proposal in their area.


Where there are proposals of any kind relating to minerals or waste operations, other parties such as private householders, neighbouring businesses and other councils have a statutory right of objection. Especially if such an application is being handled by a professional planning consultancy, it makes sense for objections to also be handled by professionals who know the procedures and who are also able to identify the issues and make the case against the proposal in a sound and logical way. AFA Planning Consultants’ team of minerals and waste planners are uniquely placed to provide this service to our clients.

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