Planning Objections

Professional Help In Objecting To A Planning Application

If you find yourself in a situation, whether for business or personal reasons, where you wish to object to a planning application, you’re not the first and you won’t be the last. It’s quite common to be opposed to a building application and you’re totally within your rights to lodge an objection. Whether it is successful or not will depend on a host of factors, so it’s well worth tackling the objection with professional help.

Here are some of the popular reasons for objecting to a planning application:

  • Someone wants to build something that you object to. It may be a neighbour’s extension or even a new factory.
  • Once it is built, it could well remain for many years making your life a misery and significantly devaluing your own property.
  • You do not know enough about the system to make the right ‘noises’ to get your point across. You realise that there are probably some kind of objections that will count and others that will not.

How We Can Help With A Planning Objection

  • We can give your objection the momentum it needs. We will identify a proposal’s weaknesses and argue against it on planning grounds, rather than on aspects that carry little or no weight.
  • We offer total peace of mind for our clients. You can rest assured knowing that you are represented by professionals who know the law inside and out, the relevant planning policies and the overall system when it comes to planning objections.
  • We will we do all the hard work for you, including writing and submitting planning objections in a professional style that local planners or inspectors will take notice of.
  • Our planners are full time senior council planning officers who work for district councils or who have substantial experience in that role. So they understand how planners think and appreciate the kind of factors that will influence your planning objection. And this means we can help you get closer to the outcome you’re looking for.

See how we can help. Contact us here or call 0800 0886 415 to discuss your objection.

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