Planning Enforcement

Get Professional Help To Appeal An Enforcement Notice

If you are issued with a Planning Enforcement Notice, you will be given the details of the breach, the reason for the notice, the steps required to deal with the issue, and the time line in which you must comply. Planning enforcement cases can range from relatively small domestic building matters to very large commercial building schemes with vast amounts of investment at stake.

It can be a very testing time, so it’s important to have the services of expert planning professionals on hand to help you deal with any difficulties. After all, if you fail to act on an Enforcement Notice or a Breach of Condition Notice, you could face a criminal conviction and a hefty fine.

How We Help Our clients To Beat Enforcement Action

Our planners have regularly handled enforcement notices and appeals for councils, as well as for private clients throughout the UK. With their inside knowledge of council procedures, they are the ideal people to have on your side. For example, sometimes the most seemingly inconsequential aspect of the case can be what tips it in a client’s favour.

Also, in some cases we can even persuade the Council to drop the planning enforcement notice before the appeal or enforcement action begins. Or there may be occasions when a case has to go to appeal to the Government Planning Inspectorate. This isn’t a problem as we are very experienced in handling both large and minor planning enforcement appeals.

It is important to move swiftly and potential strategies may include:

1. Submit a retrospective application; (Learn More)
2. Submit a Certificate of Lawfulness application; (Learn More)
3. Enforcement appeal.

Contact us today on freephone 0800 088 6415 to appeal your enforcement notice.

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