Retrospective Planning Permission

What Is A Retrospective Planning Application?

If you’ve had building work completed without the required planning permission in place, it’s possible that you could need Retrospective Planning Permission. This is usually applied for in a similar way to a regular planning application. The main difference is that there is usually a sense of urgency attached to it, which could result in an Enforcement Notice being served if you don’t respond quickly.

Why Would You Need Retrospective Planning Permission?

  • You may have been issued with an enforcement notice that requires immediate action
  • You may not have been aware that formal permission was needed before you went ahead with a previous development.
  • You’d like to sell your property but a prospective purchaser needs to see your planning approval.

“Our case has been agreed with the help of you and your team. As you can appreciate, it was a very stressful time waiting for retrospective planning and this is something that I could not have achieved without all you help so thank you!!” Mr. L (London)

“We turned to afa planning when we fell foul of a local complaint about our business. I didn’t know the first thing about obtaining planning permission, let alone in retrospect. Gary made the whole process painless and we got the result we deserved. AFA take all the pain of paperwork away and deal directly with planning officials. They understand the process completely, because in our case Gary previously a planner. I can’t recommend them highly enough”. Kindest Anita-Clare (Devon)

How Can We Help You Achieve Retrospective Planning Permission?

As experts in this area for both residential and commercial developments, our consultants use their individual knowledge and experience of council planning departments to compile a comprehensive application for you.

As Chartered Town Planners, they are used to considering any issues that might be of concern to Councillors on a planning committee. This invaluable insight can be the difference between a successful Retrospective Planning Application and a failed one.

Whatever you need retrospective planning permission for, AFA Planning Consultants are able to identify the strengths within your application and achieve the success that’s needed.

See how we can help you today. Email or contact us on 0800 088 6415.

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