Planning Applications

Whether commercial or residential, submitting a planning application is much more than just a matter of filling out a form. AFA Planning Consultants consistently achieve successful planning permission throughout the UK.

Our expertise in handling planning applications

With our help, your planning application will instantly have the most professional Chartered Town Planners behind it. With their extensive and up-to-date knowledge at your disposal – combined with an impressive track record – you can rest assured that your application will have the greatest opportunity for success. Get in touch today and we’ll be happy to talk through your planning requirements.

Commercial Applications

Getting planning permission through the Council can be a very complex process. We have experience in all forms of commercial planning, across the UK.

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Residential Applications

We have a long history in producing residential planning applications that result in granted applications far above the national average. Again, we work throughout the UK.

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How we deal with planning applications:

  • Our first step is to devise an appropriate strategy tailored to your requirements- After investigating your case, we may discover that actually permitted development could be a route for you thereby avoiding the need for planning permission.
  • Once a strategy for your planning application has been decided, the next step is preparing the necessary Supporting Documentation. A Design & Access Statement is often required. In addition to this we will prepare a Planning Statement providing more detailed justification for your proposal and other specialist reports where necessary.
  • More often than not it is necessary to engage with the local community before submitting the planning application. This can be as simple as talking to your neighbours, or may form a more comprehensive consultation strategy.
  • Finally we submit the planning application. This is generally done online and thoroughly monitored by our team. If any objections are received from locals or statutory consultees we will respond accordingly.
  • Once a decision is finally reached, normally within 8-13 weeks, we will discuss the decision with you. If your application is approved we will talk you through and conditions attached to the permission, and if refused we will look at further strategies to overcome the refusal.

Let us help you secure the planning permission you need. Our senior planners are experts in understanding how best to present your planning application, and have an excellent track record. We can save you time, money and headaches.

See how we can help. Contact us here or call 0800 0886 415 to discuss your application.