AFA Planning Consultants Are 10 Years Old

Ten years after I founded the Company in 2004, we have a thriving and growing national planning consultancy business.
Starting a new business is often a scary and tricky thing, however we can honestly say that right from the beginning we have experienced steady growth as a business despite going through a global recession. Here we are 10 years on, with a great business that’s helped many clients throughout the UK succeed with their planning complexities and problems.

Do we ever lose a planning application or planning appeal? Of course we do, but there have been many very positive results for clients, in fact much more than just positive. There have been quite a few cases where what we’ve achieved have made life changing differences to our clients.

Some examples of that are:

  • The factory owner whose business would have faced closure if we had not stepped in to help with a planning appeal.
  • The landowner for whom we won planning permission for several houses.
  • The family who were facing the devastating and imminent prospect of having to get out of their own home because the Council insisted on enforcing a breach of planning control.
  • The citizens & Council of a major town for who we are guiding through the process of creating their own Neighbourhood Plan under the Government’s Localism initiative.
  • You can read more of our testimonials here.

Our Success

Whilst I am very happy to take credit for the business concept and model, as always, it’s the actual implementation that’s the really critical factor. It is easy to have a ‘good idea’ however turning that idea into a business and then maintaining the business, that’s where you need the right staff and professional team behind you.

AFA Planning Consultants have thirty one carefully selected chartered town planners across the Country (many of which have been with us since the start back in 2004)!

Our unique offering to prospective clients has always been that they have access to the skill and expertise of our planning consultants with their special insight of the planning system, including up to date knowledge of all the changes that have and are taking place. We have expert planners in just about every field of town planning.

We focus on delivering a superb service which of course must include; honesty and integrity. As a business this has and always will be absolutely essential.

At the end of the day, AFA Planning Consultants understand that we’re dealing with people’s lives, which gives us a very real responsibility to what we do. AFA Planning Consultants would not be where we are today without the vital contribution of our town planners and all those who work so hard in the office.

Alan Folkes